Waste Management Greater Mid Atlantic Market Area procurement recently engaged the services of Total Communications Group to perform a forensic telecom audit of all 100 plus telephone accounts representing the GMA Market Area. Jeff Londoner, President of TCG, has delivered verified and documented annual savings to the Market Area of approximately $400,000 to date. Total Communications Group was able to achieve this success by analyzing all the various phone company bills and reconciling the billing with internal phone records.

Working with individual WM sites and Regional IT personnel, TCG was able to identify superfluous lines and circuits and then went about cancelling services at those locations.Leveraging their inside industry knowledge of voice carrier rates, tariffs and special promotions, TCG was able to negotiate aggressive new pricing with existing phone carriers which produced further savings and, if needed, migrated phone service to other voice carriers for similar cost savings.At the conclusion of the audit, TCG went about the task of validating all the service cancellations, service reductions and rerated pricing agreements to ensure documented savings were in fact being done on the carrier billing side.

I would not hesitate to recommend Total Communications Group. They are a very professional and customer service centric organization. All their dealings with our voice carriers were respectful and 100% transparent.   

Bryan Kirk, CPSM Area Procurement Manager
Supply Chain Management
Waste Management
Greater Mid-Atlantic Market Area

   I hired Total Communications Group as a Telecommunications Consultant & Cost Reduction specialist and engaged their services more than once. Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity “My professional relationship with Jeff over the past decade-plus has been defined by continuous and consistent delivery of the highest quality, most cost-effective and innovative telecommunications consulting and service solutions. In addition to detailed analyses of all variety of billing issues resulting in financial credits, Jeff’s knowledge of the telecom industry’s services offerings and his access to numerous industry professionals facilitates providing his customers with a level of service that has surpassed anything I experienced with other firms. This is why I continue to do business with Jeff and his company. Without pause I highly recommend Jeff and Total Communications Group.”   

Ken Good
President & COO PC Scale

   A Woman’s Place has been working with Jeff Londoner/Total Communications Group for 3-plus years now, and we couldn’t be happier. As the only domestic violence agency in Bucks Co Pa we rely on our 24 hour hotline as the only 24/7 gateway to our services. Recently we had to close the building for repairs that houses our hotline but with the capabilities the phone company introduced by Jeff Londoner for us to be able to remotely direct our hotline 800 number to other phones, multiple times during the day, we never missed a call. Set up was easy and everyone I spoke with was super. Our relationship with Jeff Londoner is what continues to keep me very pleased. I only have to make one phone call to add a line, troubleshoot a problem or any other issue I am having. It makes my job much easier. Total Communications Group has saved our agency many thousands of dollars since switching from Verizon. As a non-profit these days that is a key point. But cost is only a part of what makes it a good decision to work with TCG….relationships are key and A Woman’s Place relationship with TCG is valued by them…that makes the biggest difference.   

Karen L. Schoeller
Director of Administration
A Woman’s Place
PO Box 299
Doylestown, PA 18901

Refund check from Verizon
Verizon Check Mansfield-page-0

   First I want to thank you for helping the NEMA to recover these past payables and to share with you what a great job Jeff Londoner has done on this and other opportunities for the MA. We have saved over $500,000 in telecom costs annualized because of his efforts. I can’t endorse him or his work ethic enough. His patience and continual follow up and escalation process are exemplary. Had it not been for his professional persistence, I doubt we would have seen even close to the results represented on this check. Thanks again for the assistance.    

Brian Faulkner
Area Procurement Manager
Waste Management
New England

   Jeff is a tremendous partner and has his client’s best interest in mind always.  He continues to be an essential partner to not only find and pursue significant opportunities for savings as it relates to our telecommunication needs, but he’s an incredible support resource as well.  Dealing with the big telecom companies can be tedious and very time consuming, but Jeff provides great value by representing our needs and determining viable solutions involving all parties concerned.  Between the savings, support, and productiveness Jeff provides, he continues to be an essential partner to us and helps ensure our overall telecommunications effectiveness.   

Rob Tedesco
Head of IT, North America
Ashfield Healthcare