How much time will be required of us once TCG is engaged?

After the initial brief census period where all pertinent data is collected, client involvement is kept to a minimum. We make every effort to operate in the background.

What if we have had previous telecom expense recovery work done for us?

It is generally recommended to look at this every 12-18 months, as the industry is changing rapidly and no one company can be 100% effective. Additionally, regulatory changes with the FCC and FTC give providers the ability to change rates and offerings.

Can TCG assist us with telecom service provider RFP’s and/or vendor negotiation and selection?

Yes, TCG will utilize its extensive knowledge base of carrier tariffs, contract pricing, off-tariff special pricing and comparable industry comparisons to which our clients do not have access.

How much can we expect to recover if we engage TCG?

That will vary with each client. Factors such as industry classification, number of offices/locations, types of circuits, service levels, and spend levels much be considered.

Can TGC assist us with telecommunications equipment decision?

Yes, we partner with a multitude of telecommunications equipment manufacturers that offer a wide range of choices in today’s ever changing marketplace.